Friday, 28 April 2006

Ant's news

Today Ant had his last exam. Ever. Again. He hopes. All that remains of his masters course is a few pieces of coursework and a five month project. The project is the part of the course that he has been looking forward to most of all. He hopes that it will be more interesting than the courses he has been doing, and that the professor involved will be able to teach him in a more hands-on way. He is sick of having to teach himself the things he should be taught in class.

The project is about, wait for it,... "using observer theory to optimise PIV and PTV methods with the aim to understand turbulence." I don't really understand what this means...! But our main hope is that after all of this he will be able to get a job in his desired field of vehicle aerodynamic design.

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Anna soon-not-to-be Whitmore said...

That's fantastic news! It's always nice to be on the finished side of exams. Send my congrats to him!