Monday, 10 April 2006

first day of holidays

My first day not having to go to work... and what do I do? Go to work. Knowing that I had about one day's work that needed to be done over the break, I decided that my holiday would be much better if I got it out of the way near the beginning. So I set off to school this morning--granted it was about three hours later than usual!

The heating was off in my corridor, so I had a chilly day. But it was well worth it to get my one big task out of the way. As a bonus I went out for lunch with a colleague at a very nice cafe down the road--the kind of treat reserved for holidays. After lunch I shivered my way through lots of scanning and cleaning. When I left at 6:30 it was still light outside, which always lessens the burden of being at work late.

So it was a good first day of my holidays. Not the most exciting, but definitely productive.

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