Tuesday, 11 April 2006

new trousers

I went on a little shopping trip today--to Clapham Junction! It's just down the road and has a busier high street than Wandsworth. Also it has a fair few charity shops. The charity shops have quite good quality items and I bought a skirt from Oasis (£4.50) and a blazer from H&M (£7.25). What bargain! Then at a new shop down the road I picked up a steel gray trouser suit for £20 (wow!) and a pair of black trousers for £17. I spent the rest of the afternoon ripping out the hems in three pairs of trousers and rehemming them. (Actually I got tired before the final pair was finished. But I'll get back to them tomorrow, maybe.) While growing up I watched mum ripping hems and that acquired knowledge has come in handy. Almost any trousers I buy require adjustment.

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