Wednesday, 26 April 2006

the first and second twigs of motion

While visiting Isaac Newton's birthplace two weeks ago, I saw the apple tree under which he is said to have sat when postulating about gravity. Matt, Julian, Nadia, and I really wanted our own scientifically famous tree, so we swiped a cutting from a branch. And this past weekend Matt picked up some rooting hormone and Miracle Gro. After reading the accompanying literature we cut our portion into two twigs and planted them both. They have a makeshift greenhouse (a clear plastic bag) to help keep them warm and moist on the kitchen ledge.

Since the weekend we have been debating about what to name these new cuttings. I vetoed New and Ton as being too ridiculous. The First and Second Twigs of Motion wasn't quite catchy enough. I think we have decided on Gravitree for one and Twig Newton for the other.

Photos of our darlings coming soon!

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David said...

Gravitree for one and Twig Newton.