Tuesday, 11 April 2006

wedding pictures

While Ant was getting ready to go to Switzerland, he was searching high and low for his snowboarding goggles. A fantastic by-product of this search was finding the CD with our wedding pictures on it. Enjoy!

These beautiful photos were taken by my brother Paul, a wedding photographer.


susan hart said...

yay..it was nice to see your wedding pictures..i love looking at wedding pictures.
i think alex and i are going to end up having something really small..so the chances of there being a white beautiful wedding dress, and pictures....etc..are slim! it's going to be very private..if not something that will be a secret!
take care..i miss the good ol days of us being spontaneous and going to peggy's cove in the middle of the night..take care.
love susan

David said...

did i not post a comment here yesterday? did it not go through? odd.

sarah said...

David--I didn't received a comment from you yesterday. Feel free to comment again. :)

David said...

Well Sarah, I can't remember what it was I said, but I probably commented on how beautiful the church is and how much I enjoyed seeing the photo of your brothers flying you through the air. Cool photos!