Monday, 3 April 2006

It was a friendship built to last. We have been in contact for all the intervening years and still really enjoy our time together. She is now an English teacher with an English fiance, and they are planning to move back to Canada in the summer and get married in October. It was really lovely to spend the weekend with them and catch up.

It was a relaxing weekend with enough sleep (yay!). On Saturday Jayme cooked us a fab breakfast (her favourite meal of the day), and then we tuned up Jayme's new (eBay) bike, Donald's bike, and his mum's bike for me. It was a bit of a scary proposition for me to be cycling, since I have done so only a handful of times in the last ten years. But it is true what they say about remembering how to do it.

Sidebar: I hope Ant won't take it as a personal slight that I went cycling this weekend. He has been urging me to do it since we got to London. He is an avid cycler, but I am seriously scared of sharing the road with the drivers in London. They drive fast on tiny roads. There is no space for the cyclist most of the time and the drivers don't care. Ant, of course, has nerves of steel and cycles blithely through any traffic jam. He keeps telling me how short and enjoyable cycling would make my commute to school, but I disagree. I refuse to try.

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